Pharma Firm Converts IMS Health Data into Insights with Phrazor

Phrazor seamlessly converted market research data into actionable sales insights, at scale, for a major Pharma company.

The Impact
2,808 Reports generated annually. 9 category and brand reports generated for individual states.
702 Hours of manual effort saved in report analysis

Business Challenge

Making Sense of Data

Each month the firm received IMS Health information through large datasets in excel workbooks. Vast amounts of data were scrubbed, prepped, analyzed, and presented by the analytics team. The team generated extensive reports to present their findings to the sales field force comprising 8000+ medical representatives and their respective managers.

The traditional reporting system failed to highlight important insights related to outliers, anomalies, and emerging trends if any. Also, the time taken in data-preprocessing, analysis, and reporting led to a time lag in market evaluation by almost a week.

Key Problems Identified:

  • Time lost in data cleaning and preprocessing.
  • Lack of personalized reports across team hierarchies.
  • Complex reporting style required data interpretation and hindered comprehension.
  • Inability to identify hidden trends and insights from data reported.
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Company Overview

This multinational pharma player is one of India’s largest generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies. The firm has over 800 brands marketed in over 50 countries, by a 14,500 plus strong workforce. The company’s sales division sourced IMS Health data periodically to review sales efforts and course-correct strategies based on what the numbers said.