Setting up Benchmark

Under Key Metrics within the Settings tab, three types of comparisons can be made, namely, Self, Peer, and All.


  1. Self

Comparison of two data points within your own data set on time-periodic basis can be made. Example: Compare Current Month Sales with Previous Month

  1. Peer

    Comparison can be made with same-level peers on the basis of

    a) Performance - Top N, Bottom N, Highest, Lowest. Example: Compare Sales of My Brand with Top 2 Brands

    b) Competitor - Whichever competition you specify. Example: Compare Performance of My Brand with Brand X

  2. All

Selecting All will let you compare the your performance against all others, as well as notifying you of any significant trend/movement of competitors detected for the same parameter/s. Example: Compare Sales of My Brand with All Other Brands