Generate Summary

To generate summaries for various analysis types based on your chosen metrics and dimensions, refer to the steps given below:

  1. To generate summaries for your Power BI Dashboard, click on the 'Change Insights Included' button.


  1. From the Data panel located on the rightmost side of the screen, choose at least one measure and date to generate a summary of your Insights.


  1. In case your data contains several columns with dates and you wish to choose a different date, simply click on the first tab and select the date column for which you intend to generate summary.


  1. To change the measures, click on the second tab and deselect the measures which you wish to remove and select the ones which you want to add.


  1. To change the dimension, click on the third tab and select the dimension for which you want to generate a summary.


  1. Similarly select the last tab, if you wish to change the period of your generated summary. For Example: Yearly Summary, Monthly Summary etc.


  1. Select at least 3 different type of narratives from the list of topics to generate a summary.


  1. Click on the ‘Generate Summary’ button to generate summary of your selected topics.


  1. Generated Summary dynamically interacts with your Power BI Report. Simply click on any visualization on your report and the insights would regenerate based on that visualization.