Release Notes

Version 2.0.0

User Experience

  • Tab View Enhancement:

With Tab View, users can seamlessly switch between different types of analysis, making it faster to generate insights on the fly.


Now navigate through various tabs to access the specific analysis you need, improving efficiency and productivity.

  • Generate Topic Based Insights:

Users can now Generate Insights based on Topics. By selecting your desired inputs, you will find pre-filled questions for all six types of analysis.


Now you can explore and extract valuable insights quickly across multiple Narrative categories without any hassle.

  • Insights Organized by Topics:

To further enhance usability, we have implemented a topic-based grouping system for insights. This means that all the insights generated by our plugin will be neatly organized into different topics.


With this, users can easily locate and access narrative insights that are specific to their areas of interest.

Improved Insights Generation Speed

We have implemented a new approach where two insights are generated simultaneously, allowing you to start exploring valuable information without any delay.

As you interact and read your initial insights, the remaining insights continue to load in the background. After just a few seconds, the additional insights become available, enabling you to access a complete set of valuable information in a shorter timeframe.

This improvement in insights generation speed means that you can swiftly navigate through different analyses and gather the information you need more efficiently.

Payment Gateway

Users can directly upgrade to the Paid version of the Phrazor Plugin using Stripe Powered Payment Gateway.

This allows users to manage their subscriptions, including upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, and billing information changes, all within the Stripe interface.