Question 1:

I have chosen the columns that contain dates, but the Phrazor plugin is still requesting me to select a date column.


  • Please ensure if Power BI has accurately detected the date column you selected for your data.

  • Make sure that in the column section of Power BI, the date column is not marked as a Date Hierarchy. If yes, change it to Date.



Question 2:

What actions can be taken if the insight generation is taking time?


Slow insight generation is typically caused by the following factors:

  • Including unnecessary columns: Consider removing any columns that are not essential for generating insights.

  • High cardinality dimensions: If certain columns have a large number of distinct values, it may be beneficial to remove them to improve performance.

Tip - You can always add multiple instances of plugins, such as adding two bar charts to a dashboard, where you can selectively choose the relevant data for each plugin instance.


Question 3:

How to get an in-depth reasoning for your insights?


To get an in-depth reasoning for your generated insight, let's take an example with the variation “Change

  • Navigate to the "Change" tab and click on the lens 🔍 icon labeled as "explains the change."


  • To get the reasoning behind your insight, you will need to select the hierarchy for your reasoning explanation. (Think of it as a drill down from top to bottom)


  • Select the verbosity from Low to High, to control the depth and number of drivers for your analysis.


  • After selecting the Hierarchies and verbosity, Click on Explain.


Question 4:

How to make the plugin interactive with my dashboard.


Please refer to the steps given below on how to dynamically change your insights as per your dashboard.

The plugin is interactive with other visuals. If you apply a filter on your dashboard that filter will be applied to the plugin as well which will change the narratives dynamically according to the filter applied.

Note: Make sure that the metrics and dimensions which are filtered on your dashboard are used in your narrative insights in Phrazor for Power BI plugin.


  • Generate insights based on the variation of your choice “Descriptor, Change, Trend, Compare, Target and Budget.
  • Pin your insights to your dashboard
  • Go to the “My Insights” Tab.
  • Click on any visuals outside of the plugin and your pinned insights would get refreshed as per the visual.