Phrazor Generative AI Visual for Power BI

Phrazor Generative AI Visual for Power BI is a natural language generation tool powered by ChatGPT which helps you summarize your dashboards by data storytelling.

It serves as a powerful extension for your dashboard, where you can summarize your charts and data via storytelling. You can change the verbosity of the insights generated and also change the tone of the Insights based on the Persona(Marketing, Finance, Product, Sales and Operations) for whom the Power BI report is created.

No SQL or coding skills required. Simply download the visual from the Marketplace and add it to your Power BI Report.

Note: At Phrazor, we understand the importance of data security, especially when it comes to working with sensitive enterprise data. To ensure the utmost level of data security, we have implemented several measures, such as anonymizing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), redacting sensitive data, and masking important information before sharing data with cognitive services like ChatGPT. This process does not affect the quality or coherence of generated insights.

This document explains how to use the Phrazor Visual and generate natural language narratives for your Power BI report. It is intended for the people who are pre-existing users of Power BI. This document does not include the steps on how to install and configure Power BI.