Add Phrazor Extension to Tableau

To plug in Phrazor's extension to the Tableau dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Workbook in Tableau and click on any dashboard

  2. Click Edit to activate the Visualization panel on the dashboard

  3. In the left panel, under Objects, double-click Extension

  4. All extensions available on the Tableau marketplace will appear in a dialog box

  5. To make the Phrazor extension a part of your Tableau dashboard, you can either directly Add to Dashboard by searching and selecting Phrazor


  6. You can select Access Local Extensions at the bottom left of the dialog box.

  7. Navigate to the folder where the downloaded Phrazor extension is saved, select the Phrazor.trex file and click Open

  8. A Caution Message alerting you about importing a custom visual within Tableau will appear. Since the Phrazor plugin is a secure and officially recognized extension, Click Ok

Contact if you are interested in exploring Phrazor for Tableau plugin for your Business Intelligence & Analytics needs.