Question 1:

I have chosen the columns that contain dates, but the Phrazor plugin is still requesting me to select a date column.


  • Please ensure if Power BI has accurately detected the date column you selected for your data.

  • Make sure that in the column section of Power BI, the date column is not marked as a Date Hierarchy. If yes, change it to Date.



Question 2:

What actions can be taken if the insight generation is taking time?


Slow insight generation is typically caused by the following factors:

  • Including unnecessary columns: Consider removing any columns that are not essential for generating insights.

  • High cardinality dimensions: If certain columns have a large number of distinct values, it may be beneficial to remove them to improve performance.

Tip - You can always add multiple instances of plugins, such as adding two bar charts to a dashboard, where you can selectively choose the relevant data for each plugin instance.