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Automate your talent acquisition report with Phrazor

2023-05-12 00:00:00
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Talent acquisition is a crucial aspect of any organization’s success. 


It involves finding and hiring the right people to fill open positions and contribute to the growth and development of the company. 


Business Intelligence (BI) plays a significant role in talent acquisition by providing data-driven insights that can help organizations make informed decisions about their hiring processes.


One of the ways BI can enhance talent acquisition reporting is through the use of writing automation and Natural Language Generation (NLG). 


Writing automation involves automating the process of extracting data, looking for relevant insights, and writing assessments to communicate findings. 


This can help organizations save time and resources while improving the accuracy and standardization of their reports.


For example, an organization may use writing automation to generate monthly reports on their talent acquisition efforts.


These reports could include information on the number of open positions, the number of applicants, the time-to-hire, and other relevant metrics. 


By automating this process, the organization can ensure that their reports are generated quickly and accurately, allowing them to make informed decisions about their hiring processes.


NLG is an advanced AI technology that transforms complex data into easy-to-understand human-like narratives. Together, writing automation and NLG can help organizations generate data-driven reports that are easy to comprehend and provide valuable insights into their talent acquisition processes.


One tool that can help organizations achieve this is Phrazor. Phrazor is a writing automation platform that uses NLG to make daunting data universally understandable. 


It can generate data-driven reports, easy-to-comprehend language narratives, and content descriptions in just a few bullet points. 


Phrazor-generated updates and reports enable organizations to clearly communicate what their data is saying, leaving no room for misinterpretation.


Phrazor can also be integrated with Power BI for enhanced reporting. Power BI is a popular business analytics service that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities. 


With the Phrazor Power BI plugin, organizations can add narratives to their visualizations and provide answers to questions asked. This serves as a powerful extension to the visualization tool, providing quick and easy data-driven narrative solutions.


In conclusion, talent acquisition reporting can be greatly enhanced through the use of BI tools such as writing automation and NLG. Platforms like Phrazor provide organizations with the ability to generate easy-to-understand data-driven reports that can help them make informed decisions about their hiring processes. 


By integrating Phrazor with Power BI, organizations can further enhance their reporting capabilities and gain valuable insights into their talent acquisition processes.

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